The Airlines – 2022

The Airlines

So many people are so amazed and disheartened about the airline industry these days. My advice, just relax and go with the flow! It has become part of the travel “experience.” Remain patient.

Why is the airline industry in such a dilemma you might ask? Here are some reasons why:

As a result of lock down during COVID many experienced, top end employees were offered retirement packages, many employees were laid off, some stayed at home while being sent recovery checks from the government and did not return to their previous jobs, while others sought employment at jobs often offering higher salaries.

With the disappearance of many experienced pilots, crew and tower control personnel things turned upside down when great influxes of travelers reemerged quicker than the airlines anticipated.

Aside from financial concerns of the airline to stay afloat (or should I say in the air?) It takes a long time to train personnel.

It takes a commercial airline pilot, 1500 hours of experience, which can possibly be earned in two years. There is the additional cost of going to school for training to also consider for new employees who wish to become commercial pilots. To become a traffic controller, it typically takes 2-4 years to complete training and obtain certification. Their salaries often don’t compensate for the training, skill and stress levels of the job. That is a concern the airlines are dealing with too. Some airlines are, or are planning to offer higher salaries in the future.

Existing pilots, crew and traffic controllers are in high demand. They are required to maintain FAA standards by not flying or working over a certain number of hours and are mandated to have specific rest periods. That puts an additional strain on the airline schedules causing more delays and in some cases cancellations.

To top this off there is an energy crisis regarding the high price of fuel the airlines have to absorb.

The airlines have a lot on their plate to contend with. They are doing the best they can at the moment, so travelers try to remain patient. The airlines are doing everything in their power to get you to your destination. It is all part of the “new” travel experience. Remain flexible and calm (and by all means purchase travel insurance)!